Native Linguist is a leading language service agency based in Battambang, Cambodia’s second largest city. We have many years proven experience in the industry. Our translation services incorporate proofreading and editing by native-speaking linguists. We guarantee a final and complete quality check by our team of professionals. We specialize in translation projects ranging from Medical, Technical, Financial, Legal, IT, Marketing and Website Content in various languages, including Khmer/Cambodian, Burmese, Lao, Indonesian, Tagalog, Malay, Vietnamese and Thai.

We follow a two-step process in our translation services. Initially, our in-house professional translators prepare the content for its translation from the original language. After that, a native-speaking editor double checks proofreading and formatting for clarity, polishing, refining and enhancing the translated work.

  • Technical translation

    Technical translation is an extremely specialized field of expertise. Hence, we have specialist and industry-specific translators to render engineering and scientific documents, user manuals, operator manuals, technical training manuals, etc.

    For many years Native Linguist has offered quality translation services to our customers from around the globe. We take the challenge of translating technical content correctly and precisely, and we are always ready to fulfill any client request.

    Technical translation
  • Medical translation

    Clients in healthcare, medical device and pharmaceutical industries have come to depend on our professional teams of subject-matter experts for even the most difficult translations. Our linguists are trained in most branches of medicine, chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, biotechnology, and toxicology. Be it public, private or volunteer organizations, we can meet all our clients’ medical translation needs.

    Confidential and sensitive medical documents carry patients’ personal information, whether it be a diagnosis, discharge note, consultation record, or medical dissertation. We guarantee their privacy through our strict protocol of safeguard. We ensure optimal maintenance of your documents as we understand their importance.

    Medical translation
  • Legal translation

    Being a highly specialized field, professional legal translation needs consistency and precision, as well as an in-depth understanding of the law. We safeguard privacy in the handling of confidential legal documents. At Native Linguist we provide translations of sworn statements and notarized documents, handled by expert translators with a legal studies background.

    Our network of legal translators understands the privacy of legal materials, and guarantee confidentiality.

    Legal translation
  • Financial translation

    Accounting principles differ by country, and it’s imperative that basic terms are appropriately translated and not literally transcribed. Thereby, it’s crucial that a document is first translated by a native Khmer translator with perfect knowledge and then edited by a native English speaker for clarity and precision. Precise financial translations are imperative while handling documents pertaining to accounting, insurance, investment banking, commercial banking, consumer, loans and so forth. We are capable of translating annual reports as well as all types of financial prospectuses, statements, and other materials from Khmer into a second language.

    Financial translation
  • Marketing translation

    Your marketing message is crucial to branding your product and service. Possibly you spend too many hours in crafting the relevant message for domestic markets only to miss targeting a larger global market. We can help you enhance your marketing materials with more precision and effect.

    Whether you’re targeting new and growing global markets, or you already have a well-built presence in international markets, we are here to help you with a package of services to meet your needs. Our marketing document translators are experts in localizing the translations of marketing documents. We strive to maintain your original marketing message, even when translated into multiple languages.

    Marketing translation
  • IT Translation

    Technology makes the impossible possible.  Our world is interacting with a wider range of people and cultures than ever before. Society increasingly demands better technology for easier communication. Significant localization of translations is required for meeting such global tech hardware demands.

    We excel at IT translation. Each of our global networks of native translators is an expert in their own language, and specialists in hardware and technology terminology. You can rely on us to handle any and all technical translation projects, whether a user manual, user interface (UI), app or guiding materials on how to assemble hardware and how to handle software.

    IT Translation
  • Website translation

    In order to compete in the cacophony of global markets you probably need to update how you are communicating with the rest of the world. At Native Linguist we will help transform your sites into strong international tools, delivering customized brand experience to your clients across the globe. We offer the cultural, language, and international marketing skills you require to effectively engage global clients. We have a skilled team of translators acquainted with SEO and websites. Our website localization experts optimize the operative terms: from strategic planning to actual translation. We’ll help you deliver locally-relevant, high-value content to your clients.