• Do you know what they speak in Cambodia?

    Khmer is the language spoken in Cambodia. Often it is referred to as Cambodian, but this would be incorrect. The language has several dialects although speakers of these dialects can mostly understand each other.

    The language also has a unique alphabet written from left to right with vowels being written either as separate letters or as diacritics above below or on either side of a consonant. This is a language steeped in history and with a heritage that not only demonstrates inheritance from elsewhere in Asia, but also the parent language a...Details

  • Never Lost in Burmese translation

    Translation into Burmese or from Burmese and other languages such as English and the surrounding Southern Asian languages can be a tough service to locate.

    Any language translation service can be found in most large cities, however clear accurate and professional translation can be difficult to source. The term lost in translation is an accurate description of what can happen when the translation is not professionally done. Understanding language does not come down to mere identification of words and preparing them in a foreign language.